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A better path to compliance for small business

Cybersecurity programs, not projects
Other CMMC Registered Provider Organizations (RPOs) take the project approach. They may deliver some policies, help you buy some tools, or provide a gap analysis of to-do items you still have to complete. Ultimately, your relationship is short-term, transactional, and the project is only as good as the day it was completed (and with it your compliance). It's time for a better way that works for your business, your goals, and your ongoing requirements.
We deliver cybersecurity programs! Comprehensive, compliant, programs that ensure you're covered from your initial FREE risk assessment to your official C3PAO certification (backed by our audit-guarantee) with evolutionary program maintenance that ensures you stay compliant year after year.

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The team behind Tesseract

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Ardalyst is a cybersecurity and digital transformation solution provider specializing in leveraging Microsoft’s productivity and security solutions – among a few others. From here, Tesseract was born. As defense contractors, we knew there had to be a better way to help small businesses like ourselves get compliant and as Microsoft and cybersecurity experts, we knew just how to do it. Forget about assessments that waste customer dollars carefully documenting that they need to start over.  Don’t sell expensive compliance projects that leave customers with a false sense of accomplishment when they don’t have the resources to run their programs after we’re gone. Recognize that most defense contractors are small organizations that bring essential expertise to our country, and don’t have huge cybersecurity budgets.  Build the compliance product we would want to buy – making compliance simpler without oversimplifying, making cybersecurity cost-effective without being cheap, and providing a lasting service that allows customers to get compliant AND stay compliant, every day.

Official Microsoft Partner
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We're 1 of just 12 members of Microsoft's CMMC Acceleration Program providing Microsoft licensing like Microsoft 365 GCC & GCC-High and services to DoD contractors.

CMMC Accredited

We're an official Registered Provider Organization (RPO) accredited by the CyberAB, recently known as the CMMC Accreditation Body.

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We're defense contractors like you. We know what it takes to deliver cybersecurity solutions that meet the growing regulatory requirements we face.