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As the aviation and aerospace industries progressively integrate more digital technologies into their operations, they encounter distinctive challenges related to the safeguarding of sensitive information and adhering to the rigorous compliance standards mandated by the Department of Defense (DoD). This shift towards digitalization brings with it a heightened vulnerability to cyber threats – an issue that is far from being merely hypothetical.


Cyberattacks increased by 24% worldwide in the aviation industry in the first half of 2023 alone.

Source: Resilinc

Over the past year, there has been an alarming 24% increase in such incidents, underscoring the pressing need for robust and effective cybersecurity measures. This trend highlights the urgency with which the aviation and aerospace industries must address cyber threats, not only to protect their operational integrity but also to ensure the safety and confidentiality of critical data in an increasingly interconnected digital landscape.

A better path for aviation and aerospace

ITAR compliance baked right in

Tesseract's cybersecurity offerings are specially designed to comply with the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), integrating Microsoft Office GCC-High to deliver a fusion of top-tier productivity tools with strong security features. This combination is particularly beneficial for contractors in the aviation and aerospace sectors who deal with sensitive information, ensuring that their business operations are both secure and efficient. Additionally, Tesseract provides a suite of services including Enclave Activation, Data Migration, and Security Operations. These services are focused on ensuring your Microsoft GCC-High environment adheres to ITAR standards. They not only facilitate the secure transition of users, data, and applications into an ITAR-compliant setting but also help in establishing strong security foundations for IT assets.

A solution for every size

Tesseract is crafted to cater to the diverse needs of the aviation and aerospace industry, irrespective of the size of the organization. Small businesses receive a solid cybersecurity foundation without the need for extensive resources while also benefitting from Tesseract’s scalable services to protect their burgeoning businesses from cyber threats. Ensuring, they can focus on growth and innovation without the added stress of cybersecurity concerns. On the other hand, larger businesses, with their complex structures and extensive data networks, get a robust approach to cybersecurity with advanced, comprehensive solutions capable of handling large-scale, sophisticated security needs.

Made to win

In a field where securing contracts with major prime contractors is highly competitive, Tesseract offers subcontractors in the aerospace industry a significant edge. By implementing robust cybersecurity measures, subcontractors can demonstrate their commitment to data security and ensure compliance with DoD cybersecurity requirements thus becoming more attractive to prime contractors.

Not just any MSP

Tesseract stands out by offering a level of cybersecurity expertise that goes beyond what regular Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can provide. This elevated expertise is crucial for addressing the nuanced and complex cybersecurity demands of the aviation and aerospace sectors. The outcome is a cybersecurity program built to meet not only your compliance needs but the intricate needs of your business. We then deliver the experts to implement your robust program effectively and top it all off with expert maintenance of your program to ensure you stay compliant and secure year after year.

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