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The IT and Computer Software industries, powerhouses of innovation and technological advancement, face a formidable opponent in cybersecurity threats. There is a drastic increase in the projected cost of cybercrime across the world expected by 2025 of $10.5 trillion, a stark increase over the $3 trillion in 2015. While this figure underscores the financial impact of cyber incidents, it’s important to note that the costs to your business are not just monetary. They encompass data loss, reputational damage, and operational disruption.

$10.5 Trillion

Cybercrime is projected to cost the world $10.5 trillion annually by 2025.

Adding to this challenge are the stringent compliance requirements set by the Department of Defense (DoD). While essential for national security, these regulations pose a significant hurdle for companies in aligning their cybersecurity strategies with compliance standards. IT and Computer Software companies need the right blend of expertise and support to ensure they don’t overwhelm their internal teams while delivering a comprehensive, flexible solution to meet their unique needs. Tesseract delivers just that with cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions tailored to meet your unique demands.

A better path for IT and computer software

Not just any MSP

Tesseract distinguishes itself with its profound expertise in cybersecurity, surpassing the offerings of traditional Managed Service Providers (MSPs). With a focus on the specialized requirements of not only NIST 800-171 and CMMC but also the IT and Computer Software sectors, Tesseract brings an advanced level of knowledge in the development, execution, and upkeep of all-encompassing cybersecurity strategies. This superior skill set is essential in today’s landscape, where cyber threats are not just growing in quantity but also in their complexity. We'll deploy skilled professionals to effectively implement and maintain your robust cybersecurity program, guaranteeing ongoing compliance and security.

Comprehensive protection in any environment

Tesseract adeptly bridges the gap between on-premise and cloud infrastructures, delivering a unified cybersecurity strategy. This integrated approach is crucial for businesses operating on diverse platforms, ensuring uniform security coverage. Tesseract's hybrid solution merges on-site and cloud systems, offering comprehensive protection, especially for Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI). This strategy not only strengthens security but also offers cost efficiency. By enabling specific user access based on roles, it avoids overspending on either cloud or on-premise resources. It also plays a pivotal role in effective risk management, supporting a secure and forward-thinking operational model.

There for as much or as little as you need

Tesseract's services are rooted in flexibility, ensuring your cybersecurity needs align with your budget, paying only for what's essential. Tailored for various business stages and needs, Tesseract's services range from complete cybersecurity program design, implementation, and management to just offering expert program design. This adaptable approach allows for service level adjustments as your business evolves, optimizing costs and providing a cybersecurity strategy that's customized and evolves with your company.

Any team, any size

Tesseract is designed to meet the varied requirements of the IT and Computer Software industry, accommodating organizations of all sizes. For small businesses, it provides a robust cybersecurity base that doesn't demand extensive resources, alongside scalable services to safeguard their growing operations from cyber threats. This allows them to concentrate on expansion and innovation without the worry of cybersecurity issues. Conversely, larger enterprises benefit from Tesseract's comprehensive, advanced cybersecurity solutions. These are tailored to handle the complex structures and extensive data networks of bigger organizations, addressing their sophisticated security needs effectively.

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