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If you are looking for a secure and compliant cloud solution for your organization, you may be eligible for Office 365 GCC or GCC-High licenses. These licenses are designed for government agencies and contractors that handle sensitive data and require higher levels of security and compliance than commercial licenses. To apply for these licenses, you need to submit an eligibility request and purchase them through qualified resellers. We can guide you through the application process and help you save money on your cloud subscription.
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Enclave Activation

We'll configure your Microsoft GCC-High environment to be fully compliant with the standards of your chosen regulatory framework. Tesseract's secure enclaves offer you a combination of encryption, security, and productivity tools to run your business safely and efficiently.
  •      Compliant
  •      Secure
  •      Encrypted
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Tesseract Enclave Activation

Data Migration

Once your new enclave is setup, it's time to move your users and data. We'll identify the training your team needs to meet requirements. Our application team can help you migrate accounting, project management, and other line of business applications to your secure enclave as well.
  •      Users
  •      Data
  •      Applications
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Tesseract Data Migration

Policies & Documentation

Program documentation is key for FAR, NIST, and CMMC compliance frameworks. Tesseract produces your System Security Plan (SSP) and Plan of Actions and Milestones (POAM) to demonstrate how your organization is approaching cybersecurity, managing the flow of CUI, and remediating gaps. We’ll also make revisions as your program matures.
  •      System Security Plan
  •      Plan of Actions & Milestones
  •      Business-Specific Policies – (BYOD, Remote Work, etc.)
  •      CUI Flow Diagram
  •      Network Design Diagram
  •      Shared Responsibility Matrix
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Tesseract CMMC Documentation

Security Operations

We'll develop hardened baseline configurations of all your IT assets and support you through managing their full lifecycle. This includes providing Tesseract’s proven security architecture, managing and remediating vulnerabilities, and managing change.
  •      Harden Your Systems: We’ll apply hardened baseline configurations to your devices and systems to reduce the attack surface and improve the security posture
  •      Protect Your Data: We’ll provide you with Tesseract’s proven security architecture, which includes encryption, firewall, antivirus, and other security controls to safeguard your data from unauthorized access and theft
  •      Recover from Attacks: We’ll monitor and remediate vulnerabilities and incidents that may compromise your IT assets and data. We’ll also manage the change process to ensure that your systems are updated and compliant
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Security Operations

Detection & Response

Tesseract’s Managed Detection and Response Services or MDR help you watch for and respond to threats and indicators of compromise. MDR services ensure that your business can quickly identify intruders and malicious adversaries to effectively respond and mitigate costly breaches.
  •      Vulnerability Management: We’ll scan and patch your devices and systems to prevent any exploitable weaknesses that could be used by hackers
  •      Event Monitoring: We’ll collect and analyze the logs and events from your network, devices, and applications to identify any suspicious or malicious activities
  •      Incident Response: We’ll help you respond to any security incidents and breaches that may occur, and provide you with the guidance and support to contain, eradicate, and recover from them
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Tesseract Managed Detection & Response

Assessment guarantee & much more

CMMC Assessment Guarantee
Remediation Guarantee

If you fail an assessment (that's a HUGE if), we'll help you make changes to your program at no additional cost - we are behind you 100%!

Price Match Guarantee
Price Match Guarantee

Find a better price on a comparable program and we'll match it!

Evolutionary for Evolving Threats
Evolutionary for an Evolving Landscape

Cybersecurity is always evolving; that's why your Tesseract program evolves. We continuously monitor the cybersecurity landscape; changing with new regulations, new threats, and new technologies. We'll even change with your business as your business objectives evolve too.

Flexible Payment Options
Flexible Payment Options

With financing options and incentives for longer term commitments, you can easily optimize your investment to minimize cash expenditures or maximize savings.

Across the Line Thumbnail
Across the Line

Affordability is a major issue in the cybersecurity industry. We've pledged to create opportunities for all by developing quality products and services that won't force you to choose between comprehensive cybersecurity and your budget.

The Cyber AB RPO

We have received The Cyber AB's Registered Practitioner Organization (RPO) designation demonstrating that we have met their technical and ethical standards to deliver CMMC services to the defense supply chain.

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