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Recognizing affordability as in industry problem

If you’re a small or mid-sized business that’s wondering how you will afford to meet growing cybersecurity requirements, you’re not alone. Many small and mid-sized businesses struggle to budget for the necessary technology and resources to keep their data and their business safe because the tools are either far too expensive or require large purchase quantities that can’t be met. The expertise to install and use those tools can also be out of reach for many. Industry experts refer to this situation as the “Cybersecurity Poverty Line” or as we like to call it, the “Cybersecurity Affordability Line.” Simply put, this line encompasses a number of factors that together serve as a threshold for what’s considered the lowest line of defense.
When small and mid-sized businesses feel forced to choose between budget and effective cybersecurity solutions, everyone loses. Businesses who find themselves below the Cybersecurity Affordability Line are often left with inadequate protection, potentially leaving both their company and customer data vulnerable to attacks. When that same small or mid-sized business serves our national government, like those in the 16 critical infrastructures, poor cybersecurity puts both their business and our nation at risk. With the rise in nation-state cyber-attacks, it has never been more crucial for our industry to recognize the role that we play.
Our “Across the Line” pledge looks to create opportunities for organizations of all sizes by committing to the development of quality products and services at prices that won’t force you to choose between comprehensive cybersecurity and your budget. Our pledge includes working with partners and vendors that share our passion for cost-effective solutions and stand with us as we move the affordability line closer for small and mid-sized businesses and do our part to get them Across the Line.

Ardalyst & The Cybersecurity Affordability Line

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Ardalyst is a Microsoft Gold Partner and currently serves as one of only 12 members of Microsoft’s CMMC Acceleration Program. As such, we deliver the Microsoft platform and its excellent cybersecurity tools to Tesseract customers with no minimum purchase and up to 15% off. Customers can also qualify for free or discounted GCC & GCC-High migration services.

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